mini DIY succulent ramekins

DIY: Make Your Own Mini Succulent Ramekins

I’ve been trying to go through a few things in my apartment and I came across a few little white ramekins. Since I was planning on doing a some succulent refactoring, I thought it might be nice to repurpose them for an easy DIY project that’s super fast and easy to complete.

What you’ll need:

supplies for project

  1. succulents – you can use cuttings and/or rooted plants
  2. cactus soil mix
  3. ramekins
  4. aquarium gravel

Step 1:

Gather your supplies and pick out the succulents you’re planning on using. Try to select really small plants or cuttings.

Step 2:(optional)

Put a small layer of gravel in the ramekin first. Since the ramekin doesn’t have a hole for excess water drainage, the gravel helps to keep the plant and soil separate from any excess water that might collect.
gravel on bottom of ramekin

Step 3:

Fill the rest of the ramekin with soil and start planting your specimens.
plants positioned in soil

Step 4:

Add aquarium gravel around the plants on top of the soil. You’re done!
plants in ramekins finished

Many varieties of succulents grow really well from cuttings. If you’re short on plants, there’s no better way to procure them than from cuttings.